Our History

The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls was built by the state of NY in 2004 after the old convention center was given to the Seneca Nation to become Seneca Niagara Casino.

The casino is right across Third Street from our new building. The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls was designed by Cannon Design from 3 existing buildings on the site.

The “Falls” themselves formed approximately 12,500 years ago as the ice age ended leaving the Great Lakes. Back then, they were actually located in what is now the village of Lewiston. Erosion helped the falls move about 6 and ½ miles over that period of time to their present location. Erosion is no longer a major issue as the power authority diverts a good portion of the water to generate Hydro-Electric power.


Harnessing the power of Niagara Falls has long been a driving force in its history. One of the most important inventions of the 19th century is Tesla’s Polyphase Alternating Current (AC). This invention is the basis for the power grid still used today. Together with George Westinghouse, they built the first Hydro-Electric power plant, and using Tesla’s new invention of AC, transported the power to Buffalo, NY, making it “The City of Lights.”

Daredevils have long been associated with the history of Niagara Falls. The first recorded person to go over the falls in a barrel was a 63-year-old school teacher named Annie Taylor. More have failed these stunts than have survived.

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